Why You Should Use Pure Cocoa Powder In Your Muffin Recipes

8 June 2016
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Muffins are a delicious food that people often have to cut out of their diet when they start causing various health problems. This is especially true of delicious and sweet chocolate muffins, but it's possible to emulate their flavor and texture by skipping out on sweetened chocolate and using pure cocoa powder in your recipes instead. Here's why you need to start baking your muffins with cocoa powder. They Are Packed With Nutrition Read More 

Your First Home Bar: An Alcohol Primer

7 June 2016
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When you've finally moved out of your parents' house and are living on your own for the first time, you will naturally concentrate on acquiring the basics required to set up your home, like kitchen equipment. Once you acquire the fundamentals, you begin adding the things that make a home more comfortable, livable, and aesthetically pleasing. One of these is setting up a home bar. While it can seem like an overwhelming job, here's a basic primer on what to start with. Read More 

Two Tips To Help You Choose The Best Chicken For Your Family

6 June 2016
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Chicken, which has now surpassed beef in popularity within the United States, is a staple in many homes across the country.  Because of this, it's quite easy to walk into virtually any grocery store or market and purchase a package of chicken for a relatively low price.  However, all chicken is not the same, and you want to choose chicken that will be as fresh and healthy as possible for your family. Read More 

What Would Lorelai Gilmore Do? Coffee Recipes For The True Coffee Connoisseur

3 June 2016
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With the imminent release of the new episodes of Gilmore Girls on Netflix, you may be thinking a lot about Lorelai Gilmore and her infamous love of coffee. If you have a coffee addiction that rivals Lorelai's, then you may be wondering if there are ways to get your coffee fix outside of your usual mug (or five) of morning coffee. Luckily, there are many ways to incorporate coffee into your dining experiences. Read More 

Four Advantages To Having Your Softener Salt Delivered

16 May 2016
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If the water in your home is hard, you'll likely have a water softener that contributes to the softening of the fluid. The water softener relies on the addition of salt pellets, which you can purchase in your local general retailer and transport home — but there's a better way. Many companies offer softener salt delivery, which will make your life easier in a number of different ways. Typically, you can sign up to have the salt delivered at regular intervals, which means that you'll always have the product handy before your softener needs to be replenished. Read More