A Couple Of African Foods That Help Control Blood Sugar For People With Type 2 Diabetes

2 October 2015
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If you have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes you are probably wondering what you can eat, what you shouldn't eat, and what foods can help keep your blood sugar under control. Adjusting your diet can be frustrating; you may feel you will have to give up food and tastes you have enjoyed all your life. To help with the transition, here are a couple of African foods you can buy online that may satisfy some of your cravings while keeping your blood sugar in check.


Many people confuse yams with sweet potatoes. True yams are grown in Africa and are very seldom sold in grocery stores in the U.S. They have a lower glycemic index than both regular potatoes and sweet potatoes because of the complex carbohydrates they contain. This means that they break down slower so the sugar is released into the blood stream at a slow but steady rate. Not only will this keep your blood glucose levels lower, it will also keep it at a more even level so you do not experience a sudden drop that may cause a hypoglycemic episode. While it might not be exactly the same as eating a potato, you may find that eating African yams will keep you from going overboard on them.


Baobab is an African fruit that is similar to both pineapples and melons in flavor yet looks like a cross between a coconut and a mango. Its high content of polyphenols means that it slows down your body's glycemic response. In other words, sugar is picked up by the blood stream at a slower rate. The fruit can be dried, powdered, and added to food and drink to help reduce the rate at which sugar from other foods is absorbed. While you must still pay attention to what you are eating, and reduce carbs and sugars, by adding baobab to your diet you can enjoy a few of your favorite non-diabetic friendly foods and keep from causing your blood sugar to spike.

Learning to cope with type 2 diabetes  takes time. Unfortunately, you need to work hard to adjust your diet as quickly as possible. This leads to cravings that may cause you to binge on foods you should not have. Try eating yams as your carb when you want potatoes, and eat baobab, or add the powdered form to things to help maintain a reasonable blood sugar level. Of course, you can also eat them because you like the way they taste.

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